Heartsongs (For Humans)

by Arigato, Hato!

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From August 13-27, we'll be donating 100% of our sales to those affected by the recent storms in the Philippines. We'd appreciate your small act of support and hope you can spread the love and hope for our city. ♥


released August 10, 2011

RingMastered by Fran Lorenzo



all rights reserved


Arigato, Hato! Manila, Philippines

We sing heartsongs for homo sapiens.

Photo credit: Keith Dador of Catnip Studios (MNL)

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Track Name: The Fish Song
the fish song
I want to travel
far with you
as long as you
would like this too

sometimes i wish
i were a fish
and i would swish
to you on a dish

i want a car
we'll travel far
and meet the czar
-at least his guitar

i'd like to take
you to the lake
we'll stay awake
i'll make you a steak

i'll take your hand
we'll start a band
and sing in lands
with lots of sand

i want to travel
by your side
to see the seas
and ride the tides
as long as we stick together
these things i've said will stay true
Track Name: City Sleeping, You are Cute
the city
is sleeping
is sleeping
is sleeping

look down below
dots like fireflies
in messy rows
buzzing away
into the night x 3

The people
in their beds
are sleeping
are sleeping

Peer through windows
under the sheets
mouths wide open
bugs crawling in
into the dark

but im here
wide awake
watching you

you are sleeping
making noises
funny noises
you are so cute
youve earned a kiss
a kiss
here's more
two more
three more

before i sleep
lie beside you
good night
my love
sleep tight
Track Name: The Scoundrel
The Scoundrel

How many must you love?
Before you find yourself alone

How many must you hurt?
Before you feel that you can love

Will it take a better day?
To find a better place -
In someone else's arms
You'll find that
You remain the same
You remain the same

How many more to go
Before you find yourself alone?

How many hearts to go
Before you feel that you can love?

You're a scoundrel
And you know it
But you hide it
Under your skin

You're a scoundrel
And you know it
And you'll find out
One day that
Good dogs
Go to heaven

(We're all scoundrels)
We're all scoundrels
We're all scoundrels
And we know it
Track Name: Hide the Drinks, I'll Be Okay
the night is here
i need a drink
so i can feel the
dizzy dizzy dizzy
spells of love

the bar is dead
another bottle
i'll find my way home
crawling crawling crawling
in the dark

but i will dance
amidst the smoke
and i'll forget the
filthy cruel evil war
we fought

i take a shot
all warm inside
and i'll remember
happy happy happy

hide the drinks
i'll be okay

another beer
i'm feeling sick
i'm falling into
sleepy sleepy sleepy
tuck my in

alcohol dear friends,
you're not the best blend
not the way to mend
crumbled hearts
and dead ends